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     I was having a browse of the SheIn website the other day and I was amazed with what I could find. If you are like me then you might find designer brands like Gucci, Chanel, Chloe and Bulgari a mesmerising dream which is probably out of reach. Especially if you are a ever so slightly broke student like my self. I've always loved the luxury look of high end fashion and especially the accessories such as shoes and bags. They can take a plain outfit to the next level so easily. Therefore, when looking for designer dupes I like to look for shoes and bags that are inspired by or almost downright copies of the real thing. Let's begin:

Gucci Trainers

     My first dupe is really more a pair of shoes inspired by Gucci trainers. The real pair have a beaded  python appliqué design on the side and a stripe on the side. Both are typical of a lot of Gucci pieces and will give the same effect when incorporated into high street items. The affordable shoes from SheIn don't have the stripe but have flowers instead. This would be great if you liked the Gucci shoes but wanted something less sporty and more feminine.

     Next up I have another pair of Gucci trainers. This time the dupe is very similar, having the same stripe and bee design on the side, something signature to recent Gucci collections. They also both have mis-matched metallic patches on the back of the shoe, one red and one green. Everything else about these shoes are the same from the white leather body to the style of the rubber sole. A very good dupe if you ask me.

Valentino Rockstud Shoes 

     The Valentino Rockstud Ballerina Flats are a must-have for bloggers nowadays and have been talked about so much online. While I can't speak for the quality of any of these items, I can talk about the aesthetic and design. In this case, you can easily tell the second pair where inspired by the originals and are just missing the second ankle strap. Though the colours are quite similar, the materials are slightly different. The Valentino's have a matte leather look to the main part of the shoe, whereas the dupes have a patent leather look. For some, this might be preferred as the might be easier to clean and take care of.

     These are the Valentino Rockstud Pumps. A classic luxury piece that has lasted season after season. Pictured above are a patent black pair with powder grey accents and light gold studs. The dupes, at a fraction of the price, are a similar black patent material but have cream/beige accents and light gold studs. Besides probably the quality, the only different really is the fact that the straps are slightly different on the original pair.

     I think that this is one of the best dupes, visually. The Valentino Rockstud Ankle Boots are and amazingly structured boot with a pointed toe and lovely smooth black leather. The design is so minimalistic, I love it. The dupes are just as gorgeous! Almost identical the only difference visually is the height of the boot, with the dupes coming slightly higher on the ankle. I actually prefer the dupes for this reason, mainly because it hints to the sock boot trend. I would 100% suggest the version from SheIn, if you are just looking for this style of boot.

Gucci Loafers

     Everyone loves the Gucci loafers/slippers and I personally would love to own this blush pink leather pair. However, these days there are so many inspired style on the high street it's hard to find a reason to buy the real ones. These pink velvet ones for example might even look more luxurious to some and they are roundabout £20. They were the closest I could find to the colour of the real ones and have the same fur-lined detail. Definitely a must have for the broke and bougie.

Chanel Pumps

     Chanel? A classic. Though the real pair have a signature tweed panel across the front, the dupes are equally classic with the black, beige and red combo. The pearl heel was definitely inspired by the Chanel pair, and some say it basically a straight copy. Some find this insulting to Chanel but if you are someone looking for a cheaper alternative and really want to look legit then heres a dupe for you.

Chloe Faye Bags

     The Chloe Faye bag has been so hyped up on the internet and is a classic style loved by bloggers, instagrammers and youtubers alike. However, at over a thousand pounds they might not be a practical purchase for the average person. That's why this dupe is so amazing! Clearly inspired by the Chloe Faye, the bag is a cooler shade of grey but still has the "suede" top flap and light gold hardware. The clip on the dupe is the same colour as the chain, which some people might think of as a pro over the original which has a silver clip. 

     The new addition to the Chloe Faye family is this backpack. Perfect for day to day wear, it is a petite size as to be functional yet stylish. This is another case where I actually prefer the look of the dupe to the original, purely on the basis of colour (these were the closest two I could find). Also, backpacks tend to get more wear as they are more casual so maybe not spending so much is a better idea.

Chloe Drew Bag

     This. Is. An. Amazing. Dupe. The Chloe Drew bag is stylish, simple, elegant... a beautiful classic piece. The grained leather makes this one more durable, though the light colour might offer its own problems with colour transfer. However, despite the price difference, it is almost impossible to tell it apart from the high street option. The same colour, finish, hardware, and design. 10/10 would recommend, and from reviews I've seen they look just as good in real life.

Bulgari Serpenti Forever Bag

     Bulgari's Serpenti collection has been described as an extension of their jewellery, and its not hard to see why. This bag is beautiful and exotic with the serpent head detail and is so unique I'm surprised I could find such an amazing dupe. I mean, the bags are practically identical jut with a different strap. In this case the quality difference is also clear but given that the dupe is only £15... It's a steal!

So, if you have been lusting over one of these designer pieces but can't bring your self to spend that much or simply can't afford it, maybe give these dupes a go! I've included as many links as I could find but have a look on the web sight for more.
Just a disclaimer though, I do not own any of these items and have no experience of the quality or service of this website. I just like to compare designer with designer inspired. If this post was helpful please let me know! 

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